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Game closure announcement
Time:2014-04-30 Label:Other relevant information

Dear users,
We at GameBegin regret to inform everyone about the incoming closure of Dynasty Frontier. We have taken this tough decision as the developer is unable to fulfil the bug fixing requirements and to add more features as agreed initially. Below are the details.

Closure schedule:

1. 30th April 2014, Wednesday, 16:00
Payment options will be closed on this day. New users may still register and create new characters. Some events may be turned off as well. A feature for players to exchange their leftover ingots (cash currency) for GameBegin platform gold will be activated (see below).


2. 30th April 2014, Wednesday, 16:00

Dynasty Frontier will cease all customer service operations.


3.31st May 2014, Saturday, 16:00

Dynasty Frontier will officially stop its game servers.


Leftover ingots (cash currency) exchanging for GameBegin platform gold event


Event start: 30th April 2014, Wednesday
Event end: 31st May 2014, Saturday


1. Starting from the day and time of the server closure announcement, players with leftover ingots (cash currency) in the game can convert them to GameBegin platform gol

2. Original exchange rate  - 10 ingots = 1 gold

    Event exchange rate  - 12 ingots = 2 gold

      3. The amount of exchangeable ingots will be based on the amount detected in the account upon the day and time the closure announcement is made. Any further ingots added to the account after the announcement is made will not be eligible.

      4. This event is only available once for each account.

      5. Please send an email to using the format below for the exchange to happen:

Email title: Dynasty Frontier ingots to gold exchange

Email content: Dynasty Frontier looking to exchange ingots for gold

Login account:

Character name:

Remaining ingots:

Note: Please let us know if you did not remember how much ingots you have at the time of the server closure announcement.

      6. GameBegin platform gold will be added to your account within 7 working days.